New Zealand Gambling Laws: Rules and Regulations

Gambling is a thriving business in many countries. In others, it is considered a bad thing. Some jurisdictions prohibit gambling or allow certain gaming activities. However, gambling is legalized in certain countries and individuals can access large casino complexes online or gamble on the internet.

New Zealand is an amazing country that people travel from all over the globe to visit throughout the year. NZ's legal gambling allows for a flourishing tourism industry. New Zealand does not have as many land-based casinos as other countries in Europe and Asia. The strict New Zealand gambling laws make this country a favorite gaming destination.

Gambling is legal in New Zealand. The country also regulates the gambling industry. The government of New Zealand aims to create a safe environment for gambling that encourages tourism.

We will be describing the New Zealand gambling laws and how it regulates gaming activities on its territory in the following paragraphs. You will also find out what the New Zealand gambling laws are. This is an area that has been a huge hit. These are the major topics we will be discussing:

Gambling history in New Zealand

New Zealand isn't new to gambling. Since long ago, the country is familiar with gambling activities. NZ was introduced to gambling by the first European settlers. Gambling was a popular activity during colonial times.

The Gaming Act of 1904, which established that gambling activities can only be conducted at New Zealand's racetracks, made things a lot easier. However, gambling was still a popular activity in New Zealand.

Another major shift occurred in 1954 regarding gambling. The Totalisator Agency Board was established in 1954. This saw the law against gambling being relaxed. The Golden Kiwi lottery was established shortly after the TAB began to operate. The gambling landscape in New Zealand has changed dramatically over the years. There are many pokies available at bars and land-based casinos all across the country.

NZ Active Gambling Laws

Gambling in New Zealand is legal. Gaming activities are very popular in the country. The regulated gambling environment in New Zealand is also a draw for foreign tourists. We will be describing the current NZ gambling laws and regulations in the following paragraphs.

The Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for controlling gambling in New Zealand. Gaming activities are subject to a tax which is similar to a percentage of income. This tax is not applicable to online casinos, which is an interesting fact. This is because there are no legal online gambling platforms in the country.

of gaming activities in the country.

Gambling SegmentStatus
PokiesLegal (pokies in bars and restaurants are run by charitable organisations)/td>
Horse RacingLegal
Online CasinosIllegal within the territory of New Zealand. (NZ players can access online casinos based offshore and gamble)

Another fact worth mentioning is the existence of a gambling commission in New Zealand. The Gambling Commission of New Zealand, an independent regulatory body, was established by the Gambling Act of 2013. This commission is responsible for reviewing casino license applications and renewing existing licenses. The NZ Gambling Commission also hears complaints regarding enforcement decisions regarding gaming machines, and other non-casino gambling activities.

New Zealand Casinos

Six casinos are currently operating on New Zealand's territory. 1994 saw the opening of the first legal casino. The opening of the first legal casino in 1994 helped to boost tourism and brought many tourists to the country. The legal casinos in New Zealand include SkyCity Wharf Casino, SkyCity Auckland and SkyCity Hamilton. The main gambling destinations in New Zealand are Christchurch and Dunedin, Queenstown and Hamilton. These are the largest cities and attract many tourists to them and their casino complexes throughout each year.

New Zealand Pokies

New Zealand's word for slot machines is “Pokies”. In 1987, they were first introduced to the country. Pokies are not just found in big-city casinos. You can find pokies in almost every New Zealand bar or restaurant. There is one difference: Pokies aren't located in casinos, but instead at bars or restaurants.

Another interesting thing about pokies is the fact that New Zealand has regulated the maximum jackpots. They have been a popular choice for many people. All pokie machines must have information displays that show gamblers how long they have been playing and how much they have lost. This has been required since 2009.

There are currently around 19,500 pokie machines on the territory New Zealand. Around 380 license holders are currently licensed. Pokies can generate huge amounts of income.

New Zealand Lottery

The 19th century saw the birth of the first lottery forms in New Zealand. They were used primarily by various organizations to raise funds at the time. The first New Zealand National Lottery wasn't established until 1933. In 1966, the National Government established the Golden Kiwi lottery. It was extremely successful until 1987. The New Zealand Lottery Commission was then established. Although Lotto was the original product, soon scratch cards and Keno became popular with players. In 2008, online lotto tickets were made available.

Horse Racing in New Zealand

Horse racing is the oldest form gambling in New Zealand. New Zealand has known horse racing since its inception. 1920 saw the legalization of off-track betting and that gamblers could only bet on horses on-track. The Totalizator Agency Board was established in 1961. These changes made it possible to place bets on any race or track across the country.

Online Casinos New Zealand

Gambling has become more popular with the advent of internet technology. Online casinos began offering gambling services in many countries and jurisdictions around the globe. Online casinos cannot be legally operated in New Zealand under the current online gambling laws. NZ residents over 18 years old can still access overseas casinos and gamble freely. Online gambling has made it easier and more exciting to gamble in New Zealand.

Last words

We might conclude that New Zealand is one the most desirable gambling destinations due to its established gambling laws. Online gambling laws in New Zealand make it easy for players to gamble and access casino sites offshore. New Zealand is a well-known gambling destination because it allows the most popular forms to be legal. Gambling in NZ currently generates high income.

New Zealand Gambling FAQs

The section below will provide more information about the NZ gambling laws. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions about the NZ gambling laws. We also provide brief answers that will give you more information about the topic.

Gambling is legal in New Zealand. The NZ gambling laws permit betting on games such as horse racing and casinos (especially pokies), plus many other activities. Anyone over 18 can gamble and take part in various gaming activities.

New Zealand pokies are as popular as slot machines. NZ Pokies are available in both land-based casinos and bars and restaurants. There is one major difference: Pokies located in bars or restaurants are managed by charitable organizations.

Online casinos that are based in New Zealand at the moment are illegal. Online casinos that are located offshore can be accessed by players and they can gamble as freely as they wish. The current New Zealand gambling laws clearly state this. Official authorities pay close attention to ensuring that every type of gambling is regulated.

The New Zealand Gambling Commission, a regulator body, works closely with Department of Internal Affairs. The NZ Gambling Commission hears license applications and resolves disputes related to gambling. The Gambling Act of 2003 as well as the Racing Act of 2003 govern all NZ horse racing activities.

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